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Documents for Legal Entity

CLIENTS / Documents for Legal Entity
Similar to physical persons, we are obligated to collect all necessary information regarding the legal entity you represent for safeguarding and promoting your interests. In order to do so, a list of documents is required from you that are given in the list below. 

In particular, through the completion of the Account Opening form and Ultimate Beneficial Owner Information the information can help us understand the company’s main activities, organizational structure, its beneficial owners, representatives and employees authorized to set and sign orders and corresponding execution confirmations.

Furthermore, the Investment Questionnaire is able to provide us with information about the company’s knowledge and experience in the investment field, the investment objectives as well as the financial situation. The information would be used to better evaluate whether an investment service or product offered, demanded or envisaged is appropriate for the company. Also in the context of the provision of investment advice and portfolio management services we would use particular information such as to better determine the risk profile and investment strategies and thus better examine the suitability of various investment opportunities available on financial markets.

In addition, we are required to identify the category (Retail or Professional or Eligible Counterparty) of the Client. For that purpose, each client should declare the necessary information in the Declaration of Categorisation Form such as to help OPC to categorize the client properly. The categorization is used to determine the level of protection a client ought to have from possible risk warning disclosures and financial instruments that do not fit his knowledge and experience profile and status.

Finally, in case that there is/are Nominee(s) Shareholder(s)/Introducer(s), then the Declaration by Nominee(s)/Introducers for Legal Entity should also be completed.

You can send us the complete forms by email at or post and will get back to you the soonest.
In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at +357-22873760 or at  should you require any assistance with the above agreement or for any further issues you may want to discuss about.

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