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Provident Fund Solutions

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One Life Partners (OLP) - A Multi-Employer Provident Fund 

In an ever changing landscape for Provident Funds and as regulation increases globally, it becomes more time consuming, complicated and expensive for Management Committees and Employers to administer and manage Employee Provident funds.

Our group, given its long standing experience in the field, has progressed with the establishment of a new defined contribution provident fund to cater for our clients' requirements. One Life Partners (OLP) Provident Fund caters especially for employees of the private sector, as a vast majority of them remain without a provident fund, whilst the majority of the existing funds are small and place an increased administrative and fiduciary burden on the employers.

What OLP Offers

OLP is a Provident Fund regulated by the Registrar of Occupational Retirement Benefits Funds under the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. The Fund is established as an open-ended fund for employers and partnerships.

The aim of OLP is to assist Members to achieve long-term financial security at the time of retirement through regular savings. It gives members considerable choice and flexibility.

 Our Multi-Employer Provident Fund benefits employers and their employees from:

  •  OPC’s expertise in pension investment enabling us to choose the best assets, respond to market movements and construct unique default and other investment options to optimize the balance of risk, return and cost

  •  Excellence in provident fund administration and reporting

  •  Scale in retirement and individual portfolio investments. OPC manages in excess of €70mn in pension funds and investment portfolios in Cyprus which allows us to drive down the cost of investment

Employer benefits

  • Comprehensive, effective and hassle free provident fund solution

  • The Plan is customizable for each employer

  • Employer contributions are optional and flexible

  • With no set-up and administrative cost, each company can create its own tailor made provident fund

  • No set up or administrative cost to the employer

  • Offers employers the ability to exit OLP with near immediate effect at no cost

  • Institutes a professional management committee dedicated to look after the members, allowing employers to focus on the business. The liability for the management of the Fund, along with all operational, administrative and reporting requirements lie with the OLP’s Administrative Committee and its service providers. The Employer will have no involvement in such matters

Member/Employee benefits

The benefits of joining are substantial and immediate:

  • Members can select their own investment strategy options, from a range of well-designed strategies, implemented via active in-house asset management and not delegated to any 3rd parties
  • OLP enjoys the full tax advantages of Cyprus Provident Funds

  • Best practice policies in all aspects of provident fund management

  • Minimized investment and administration costs

  • Complete freedom for members in defining their own contributions

  • Ability to change the level of contribution paid by the member so as to accommodate variable yearly income and maximize tax efficiency

  • Transfer-in accumulated benefits from other occupational provident funds

  • Immediate and direct access to advisory services as provided by OPC

In light of the increased reporting requirements and upcoming changes in the field of retirement payments it will be wise to join a Company which offers a Multi-Employer Provident Fund and is regulated by the CySEC. 

We aim to deliver a solution to cater the needs of both employers and employees while ensuring their provident fund is managed in the most cost effective and professional manner achieving long term objectives and returns. 

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  • Members can select their own investment strategy options, from a range of well-designed strategies, implemented via active in-house asset management and not delegated to any 3rd parties

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